ZigiAds is a bitcoin based advertising network. Unlike other bitcoin/crypto faucets, the primary focus of our faucet is as a promotional tool to give away a small chunk of free advertising credit each day so that advertisers can try out the system.

Therefore any credit which you have claimed from the ZigiAds faucet cannot be withdrawn - it can only be used to pay for network advertising campaigns.

This is explained clearly in the rules/instructions section of the faucet page

Ok, what can I use my faucet advertising credit for?

If you are a faucet user then that means you are already registered and set up to be an advertiser. So you could use your advertising credit to promote your own site, faucet or blog - or even earn referral commission by advertising your referral link for popular bitcoin faucets such as freebitco.in, moonbit.co.in or bonusbitcoin.co