To help maintain the high quality of the ZigiAds network we have implement a manual approval process for all websites that wish to create ad spaces and display ZigiAds adverts. Once your website is active on our network we continue to closely monitor the traffic - both views an clicks - looking out in particular for fraudulent behaviour. The overriding aim here is to ensure that advertisers are receiving good value for their campaigns.

If your site has been rejected it is because we have found that it violates our Website Approval Guidelines which you agreed to comply with when you registered as a ZigiAds publisher and added your website.

If you are 100% certain that your site should not have been rejected and believe that we have made a mistake, then you are welcome to make an appeal against the rejection. This appeal must be done by completing this Website Rejection Appeal form. Once we receive your appeal form we will investigate fully. If the result of this investigation is that we agree to re-instate your website then we will do so immediately and contact your by email to notify you of this successful appeal. If the appeal is not successful then your website will not be re-instated and you will not be able to continue as a publisher with ZigiAds.